"Arterial Stiffness is officially recognised as being an important factor in maintaining cardiovascular health, and the BioClip Cuff® is the only at-home monitor on the market."

Welcome to Bio-Clip.com. Here you will find a unique device that measures several significant health related factors, including your blood pressure and arterial stiffness (flexibility).

Whilst arterial stiffness is not a commonly discussed health issue, it is officially recognized by the European Society of Cardiology as being an important factor in maintaining cardiovascular health.  Arterial stiffness refers to the elasticity/flexibility of the arteries and the artery’s ability to stretch and relax between heartbeats. Increased arterial stiffness results in the heart having to work harder to pump the blood around the body and is a major contributor to high blood pressure (hypertension),

Arterial stiffness is a silent killer. Many people do not have a clue that there is a problem with their arteries becoming stiff until they suffer a major cardiovascular episode. Assessing the state of your arteries in good time, and taking the appropriate preventative measures as a result, could just save your life.

The good news is that arterial stiffness can be improved through lifestyle, diet, exercise and supplements. Using a BioClip® Cuff is a great and affordable way for you to keep track of those changes over time, to monitor the improvements from the comfort of your own home.