Further information about the BioClip® Cuff

It is clear then that measuring arterial stiffness has significant clinical value and this invaluable health indicator can be easily monitored by using BioClip® Cuff.

The BioClip® Cuff system comprises of:

  1. An arm cuff that is placed around the upper arm just like a regular blood pressure test.
  2. A connected unit that on its display has functions for;
    • Systolic blood pressure
    • Diastolic blood pressure
    • Arterial stiffness bar chart
    • Heart rate
  3. To see how quick and easy it is to use a BioClip® Cuff please watch the video by clicking here.
  4. In relation to the arterial stiffness bar chart;
    • Being within the green zone (1-3 bars) indicates that arteries are normal.
    • Being within the yellow zone (4-6 bars) indicates that there is progression of arterial stiffness.
    • Being within the red zone (7-8 bars) indicates that arteries are harder and may be due to conditions of older age, diabetes, obesity or high stress.
  5. Average measurement guide
  • The BioClip® Cuff will store up to 30 tests; this means that when complete the average of all those tests can be seen. This type of result is recognised as the most accurate way to determine the overall/ average blood pressure, heart rate and arterial stiffness.

The Bio-CLIP system specifically monitors all of the following indicators:

  • Stiffness Index (SI)
  • Systolic blood pressure
  • Diastolic blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Average of all the above (based on a total of 30 tests)

The BioClip® Cuff unit is a standalone piece of equipment that simply requires 4x AA batteries to operate (not included). It represents a breakthrough in term of pricing, making at-home arterial stiffness (as well as blood pressure) monitoring affordable. Please see the store for further details.

Always consult a health professional if you have concerns about your arterial stiffness.

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Download BioClip® Cuff instruction manual here