How to use a BIOCLIP® CUFF

BioClip® Cuff makes arterial stiffness measurement possible from the comfort of your own home. Please click below to watch a video on how to use the BioClip® Cuff and refer to the instruction manual that come with your device.

Arterial stiffness is one of the most important parameters in determining cardiovascular health and fitness. But until recently arterial stiffness measurement was only possible at health centers because the equipment was complicated and expensive.

BioClip® Cuff has changed everything with the arrival of at-home arterial stiffness monitoring- to ensure that your health and lifestyle choices are good for you. BioClip® Cuff is as easy to use as a blood pressure monitor. Ideally, try to avoid eating or drinking at least 1-hour before a test and make sure you have used the toilet (if necessary).

Simply sit down, roll up your sleeve and apply the cuff around your naked upper arm. Attach the tube to the unit and switch it on.Be calm and still and sit upright without crossing your legs or arms, ensure that the height of the cuff is the same as your heart.

Press the start button, within a minute the display will confirm the following:

  1. Your diastolic blood pressure.
  2. Your systolic blood pressure.
  3. Your heart rate.
  4. Your arterial stiffness- this is shown by an 8-bar LED display. If the bars remain in the green zone arterial stiffness if normal, if it is in the yellow zone then arteries are stiffer than normal, and if the red zone then arteries are hard.

Some of the features of the BioClip® Cuff include an average display. This function can be used once multiple results are stored (the unit will store up to 30) to determine what your average blood pressure, heart rate and arterial stiffness is over a given period of time.

BioClip® Cuff has made the vital health parameter of arterial stiffness to be within the reach of individuals and families. Contact us for more details: