Frequently asked questions

My blood pressure results seem to fluctuate, why would this be?

Naturally blood pressure does change through the day, it will vary for example on your stress levels, the exercise you are doing or even the foods and drinks you are consuming etc. The best way to obtain accuracy with the BioClip® Cuff unit is to measure yourself regularly at different times of a day over the course of a month- then use the average feature to see what you ‘regular’ blood pressures are. This is now accepted as the best method to know what your usual blood pressures are.

My blood pressure results seem to fluctuate even when taken back-to-back, why?

There will be some variance in the readings (generally + or – 5%). It is the overall ‘region’ of blood pressure results that should concern the individual, and especially (as answered above) the average taken over a month- which can be accomplished with the average feature reading of the BioClip® Cuff. However, if you feel your readings are too variable then please check that the following parameters are being adhered to:

  • Ensure that the cuff is wrapped securely around the naked upper arm and not obstructed in any way by clothing.
  • Ensure that the pressure pipe from the unit to the cuff is not impeded, punctured or kinked in anyway.
  • Make sure that the air pressure pipe is securely fitted into the BioClip® Cuff unit.
  • Make sure that the cuff is situated at the same height as the heart when the operation starts. The easiest way is to allow the user to rest their arm on a table.
  • Make sure that the batteries are in a good state.
  • Make sure that the user remains still and calm and is not distracted during the reading.

My arterial stiffness bar reading fluctuates up and down on occasion why?

  • There can be slight discrepancies in the readings allowing a bar to fluctuate. What should concern the user is what bracket the readings are within, i.e. green zone = normal, yellow zone = stiffened and red zone = stiff. The best way to determine overall arterial stiffness is to measure oneself regularly and at different times. At the end of a month, use the average of the stored results feature to see what your average arterial stiffness is.
  • According to published studies, even arterial stiffness can be altered during the course of the day depending on activity, food or drink intake etc. This is what makes the average feature so important to determine which of the color zones you are normally within.

What affects my heart rate reading?

Heart rate can be determined by many factors including activity, food and drink intake, (especially caffeine drinks such as coffee) and even some drugs. To avoid spikes in heart rate try not to consume any food or beverages an hour before testing (use the toilet beforehand if necessary) and be relaxed. Once again, the average test reading on the BioClip® Cuff can be extremely helpful in letting you know what your usual heart rate is over time.

My arterial stiffness results are fluctuating a lot what is wrong?

Check that there are no air leaks from the cuff or the pipe and check the connection of the pipe into the unit. Also check the condition of the batteries and replace them if necessary.

There are changes in the arterial stiffness readings when I measure back to back- why?

The BioClip® Cuff is designed to give an average reading over time, ideally over a 2-4 week period, so you should use the average facility to determine your arterial stiffness- as well as blood pressure etc.

How can I get the best out of the device?

Follow the instructions carefully; for example, try to always test at the same time of day, don’t eat or drink anything an hour before a test, be relaxed and calm beforehand, make sure the cuff is properly attached to a naked arm and is at the same height as your heart.

Can I improve my arterial stiffness results?

Yes you can and IAS has published on this subject. There are both lifestyle choices as well as supplements that can make a significant difference within several weeks. Please contact us for further details.